Places to Visit With a School Travel Service

Be thankful we live in a special time. Often we don’t need to ask, “May I travel?” – instead, we can ask, “Where should I travel?” The fact that the dilemma of too many choices has befallen us is a gift that should not be wasted. This privilege also extended to many students. Today, the world is open to a large number of educational tourism visits if you choose good school travel services. So, in order not to waste this extraordinary opportunity, where should you take young students to get the greatest benefit?


Some places simply cannot fail to be on the must-see list. Spain is certainly one of these. Countless tourists visit this nation to indulge in its blessing of Mediterranean sunshine. But the nation is also tailormade for an educational excursion with a good school travel service. From Madrid to Barcelona, Lanzarote to AndalucĂ­a, Spain is brimming with diverse landscapes, climates and cultural highlights. From tasting tapas in the classic squares of Madrid, to walking along the crisp beaches of Barcelona, or to feeling the grass crackle under your feet on the gentle Andalucian hills, Spain invites students to safely explore a multifaceted nation with a long history and educational gems on every corner. It can’t fail to leave a lifelong impression, while also serving the demands of many subjects on the curriculum.


Russia is probably the most famous unknown nation on Earth. Famous because of its place in history since the Cold War, it has loomed over the West through stereotypical images, both menacing and idealized; unknown because behind these images few people can truly say they have a solid grasp of its various zones and rich cultural strains unless they have been there. Students may think they know Russia through its reputation alone, but the value of a good school travel service is that it can give students a genuine taste of this vast country on an interesting itinerary. This nation of Dostoevsky and Ivan the Terrible, Rasputin and Gogol, Siberia and Moscow can only really be truly measured in its international impact when students visit to delve beyond these icons.


Japan has exploded into the international realm in recent history, and the impact has been enormous. The nation’s cultural footprint, from its technological know-how to its cuisine, has given it a unique place in the global zeitgeist. Traveling to a country with the best school travel services is not only impressive, but it is also very important educationally. From the Osaka park to the Tokyo tower, the island of Hokkaido to the memories of Nagasaki, it is probably the way people live and interact in Japan that will be challenging, fun, and provide information to students above all. Students will leave with a better understanding of local culture, and a point of comparison for their own cultural habits and places in the global market.

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